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Dating of new testament

Dating the New Testament: Dr. Daniel Wallace

UK Apologetics Reply: This refers to the challenge to the earlier, I think much looser, dating of the New Testament which was around prior to something like the s. Robinson definitely came from the more liberal tradition of Anglicanism, and wrote many things which many of us would not support, however, his redating of the New Testament was, in the opinion of many of us, long overdue and it solved many former problems and questions.

After much research and analysis, Robinson came up dating of new testament new proposed dates for the New Testament books which, in my opinion, make far more sense. I had not learned of the "Robinson redating" by then but I was later pleased that he had backed up much of what I had come to believe. Loosely speaking JAT Robinson was a liberal - that can't be denied - however, he was certainly an expert on tracking down the correct dating of First Century writings and here he was prepared to tackle and challenge other Bible liberals - and conservatives too - who stuck to very questionable dates.

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In this updated material taken from the new edition of Sheehan's Apologetics, Fr Peter Joseph, affirms the reliability of the New Testament literature and. the New Testament books in the form that we now have them. This is particularly Matthew's composition is dated in the 80's, followed by Luke in the late 80's.

Dating of new testament
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