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Dating someone with bipolar manic depression

Bipolar disorder (depression & mania), causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

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Are you bipolar and dating or dating someone with bipolar? Here's what I've learned from my experience jumping into the dating world with my diagnosis. Dating With Bipolar Can Be an Exhausting Cycle of Intensity and Bailing For many, it'll include recurring cycles of depression and mania. Although we have our ups and downs, dating someone with bipolar feel like I'm on the same page as my partner now that I have a diagnosis. 1 Gain knowledge with bipolar disorder. #2 Separate the person from the disease #3 Be an advocate for this disorder #4 Take care of yourself. If you love someone living with bipolar, you might think a relationship is *too* But when she got her diagnosis, everything finally made sense.

Turns out, I have bipolar II disorder. Like many others with a psychological or mood disorder, I tend to feel shame and embarrassment in the fact. We'll shower you with gifts, love letters and all of your favorite things. You'll realize our laugh is contagious, and we always want you to feel the extremes with us. We have mood stabilizers for the behavioral aspect, and Xanax for the anxiety that comes with being in your own head all the time. But the problem with this doesn't always have to do with you, it has to do with the fact that we sometimes don't address our issues ourselves.

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